We help challenger brands succeed at Walmart and Sam’s.

Walmart Inc. (Walmart and Sam’s Club) is a complicated, overwhelming, competitive, and complex organism.  It is important to leverage the best team you can against that business.

We are that team.

Bottom line, we know Walmart. We level the playing field against big CPG players, for your organization by providing an ultra-experienced team of former large CPG vendors, former merchants, and hungry entrepreneurs across all functional business areas required to crush it with the World’s Largest Retailer.


Our award-winning sales team has an impeccable hit rate with growing current and pioneering new business across almost every part of the store.  From health and beauty, to food and beverage, to lawn and garden, to automotive and sporting goods, we have integrated relationships with merchants across the store.


Every great sales team is built on the back of exceptional analytics and storytelling through data.  This is even more true at Walmart, where data drives merchant growth decisions. Arena utilizes our highly skilled and experienced data analytics team to find clear and compelling stories that drive incremental growth year after year for our clients.


If it is not on the shelf, consumers can’t buy it.  Walmart has the most advanced replenishment system in the World, moving hundreds of millions of units from vendors to DCs to Stores every week. It is easy to get swallowed up trying to feed the beast that is Walmart.  We take the stress of forecasting, instock management, relationship with the replenishment manager, and OTIF compliance off of your plate and make it easy to digest.


We are on the ground in Bentonville, in and out of Home Office weekly, attending conferences, galas, games, serving in the community, and living life with Walmart merchants and leaders.  We help guide your Walmart strategy so that it intersects beautifully with Walmart’s initiatives.  We, quite candidly, make sure you don’t put your foot in your mouth or strike out in meetings.  We make sure your message aligns with Walmart’s strategy and initiatives.  We prepare you for success.



Forms, Forms, Forms.  One of the biggest areas where we save you time across all areas of the business is with the day-to-day administration of the Walmart relationship. From new item forms and line review forms to PCANs to PO Cancellation Forms to GRS, GSM, RL, and SC, we take on the day-to-day so you don’t have to worry about it.  Spend time doing the things you should be doing and let us handle the details.

Shopper Marketing

Product on shelf is not the end goal. Selling through that product on the shelf so you can replenish it again and again and again is the goal.  How do you do that? By convincing people they need it while they are at the place they can buy it.  We know the levers to pull, buttons to push, and channels of delivery within Walmart’s complex world of Shopper Marketing, and we can make sure your product not only gets on the shelf, but is picked up off the shelf.