We guide brands that need help finding their way in the U.S. retail market.

There is no doubt that the U.S. retail market is the pinnacle of opportunity for most brands.  However, the geographic challenges of logistics, highly segmented consumers, flash-and-fizzle trends, weary shoppers and highly skeptical buyers create a myriad of obstacles to overcome. Aggregate that with internal challenges of cash-flow, manufacturing obstacles, supply breakdowns, and personnel challenges and the mountain may appear insurmountable.

We can help.

Our experienced team paired with a sales strategy and process that has been forged in the fire of U.S. retail is at the ready to guide you through the climb.  We seek to provide clarity to the areas where you need vision, guidance in the areas where you need direction, and labor in the areas where you simply need to get work done.


Our diverse backgrounds in retail, marketing, branding, finance and other areas allow us to consider your whole business when developing a plan of attack with you.  We help you magnify your Strengths, downplay your Weaknesses, capture your Opportunities, and mitigate potential Threats to your success here in the U.S. market.  We also believe that a good plan, violently executed, beats a perfect plan that never leaves the board room.


Our award-winning sales team has a proven track record of developing winning strategies for our clients across all parts of the U.S. market from mass and grocery to specialty to farm and fleet.  We approach sales differently because we believe with the same approach, you can expect the same results. We don’t want the same. We want better.


Every great sales team is built on the back of exceptional analytics and storytelling through data.  This is where good stories turn into great stories; where compelling becomes critical. Arena utilizes our highly skilled and experienced data analytics team to develop exceptional stories that drive incremental growth year after year for our clients.


It doesn’t matter how great, innovative, or revolutionary your product is if you can’t tell the right story about it.  As a certified Storybrand agency, we can help you tell your story, with clarity, in a way that is meaningful to the consumer. We also help you navigate through the media agencies with fancy apps, shiny impression numbers, new gimmicks, and old tricks to make sure that meaningful message actually reaches the hearts of the shoppers.

Supply Chain

If it is not on the shelf, consumers can’t buy it.  With years of experience moving product through ports, railcars, warehouses, carriers, and DCs so they can find their way to shelf, we have a comprehensive understanding of the full supply chain and timing.  We can help you forecast, manage your inventory, and make sure your product gets where it is supposed to go.



Forms, Forms, Forms.  One of the biggest areas where we save you time and deliver value across all areas of the business is with the day-to-day administration of your retail relationships. From new item forms and line review forms to promo calendars to PO Cancellation Forms to GRS, GSM, DemandTec, and others, we take on the day-to-day so you don’t have to worry about it.  Spend time doing the things you should be doing and let us handle the details.