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As a leader in the consumer product industry, do you…


Wish you had more time?

Need help driving change to your bottom line?

Need a partner that feels like an integrated part of your team?

We give you time back.

We drive positive change for your bottom line.

Our clients become like family.

Don’t take our word for it…

“I worked with Arena over the past year. They were a key resource in supporting an important customer of our Company.  Arena  provided very useful insight and guidance in working with this customer.” 

David, CFO, Prepared Food Category

“Arena has a get-it-done attitude.  They get everything from the analytics we received from the “big guys”, but with the personal attention a boutique outfit offers.”

Alan, VP of Sales, hot beverage products

“The Arena team is professional, approachable, and always willing to listen and learn.  They’re tenacious and have a very “can do” attitude.”

Sarah, VP Sales, pet products

“Some Walmart brokers I’ve used in the past were more concerned about giving Walmart ‘the best deal’, versus making sure all parties have the best business opportunity. Arena does an outstanding job giving us the guidance we need to profitably grow our business.”

John, Sales VP, household products

“They are always there and available and the team is so kind and very helpful!” ”

Ann, Retail Operations Director, household cleaning products



We are a team of seasoned and award-winning consumer industry veterans who are ready for your toughest challenges. We utilize our relationships and experience across the U.S. to MAKE A DIFFERENCE for your company and your brands.

We are gritty and love tough challenges, while also polished in our practice.

We are bold and DARE GREATLY, while also strategic in our thinking.

We have a high standard of professionalism, but are a bit tastefully unrefined. (Life is too short not to have some fun!)

If you are looking for a team of benchwarmers, bobbleheads, windbags or wallflowers, we may not be the right fit for you. But, if you are looking for a partner who will persevere through your toughest challenges to deliver best in class results, we should connect.

Whether you need help navigating and driving business with the World’s Largest Retailer (who happens to be just around the corner) OR you need a comprehensive U.S. go-to-market strategy and execution, we have what it takes to guide you and your company to success.  We have done it before, and we will do it again. We would love it if this time, it was TOGETHER with you.

DO THE RIGHT THING for your business. Bring it into the Arena.

Where can we help?

Walmart Inc.

Our experienced Walmart team offers comprehensive cross-functional coverage.  Whether you need help because your business has grown to the point that it is too much to handle internally OR you need an experienced group to help you learn and navigate the World’s Largest Retailer, we can help.

U.S. Market

While Walmart is next door, we travel well outside of our neighborhood, currently servicing clients across 4 continents in all U.S. retail channels.  If you need help developing and implementing a strategy for going to market in the U.S. overall, we are experts in that Arena as well.  With proven results in brand development, consumer insights research, product development, marketing strategy, transportation and logistics, and relationships with every major retailer in the U.S., we would love to partner with you and guide you as you walk through the crazy that is U.S. retail.

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